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Picture of Officers and Auditors being sworn in.
Fans watching Softball game at SWSAD.


Southwest Softball Association for the Deaf (SWSAD) is one of the largest and oldest running deaf softball tournaments in the United States.  SWSAD celebrated their 50th Annual Softball tournament in 2017 at Tulsa, Oklahoma.  ​​

SWSAD is an annual tournament which hosts Men, Women, and CO-ED teams from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi as part of their annual tournament.  It is compromised of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing with a certain hearing loss.  The majority of the players sign as their main language.  ​

SWSAD is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization - so any contributions to the organization is a tax-contributed deductible.  If interested in contributing or sponsoring any of our events - please contact us through the contact us page. 


The Team

Chad Bishop, Commissioner
Dustin Cutrer, Fundraising Coordinator
Chadwick Savoy, Tournament Director
Josh Vergara - Media/IT Specialist



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