Softball Guidelines

1. All team rosters will be submitted through Google Drive. That means must send through Gmail email account.


2. The rosters must contain:

First and last name of players

Player numbers

Date of birth

CODA/SODA– Place * next to name 

Except member family use +

Coach/Manager – Place SQUARE in jersey number column.

Free Agent – Place a circle in jersey number column

Manager/coach is to obtain the permission from players BEFORE adding them on the form. Players

names should not be on two different forms in the same division (men/men, women/women) Only

the exception is if the player is playing Co-ed.

It is the responsibility of the manager/coach to make sure all information is clear and correct. Failure to

do so will disqualify manager/coach as well as the player in question from the SWSAD tournament. See

player eligibility rules at the end of this form.

Any disqualifications from the tournament for any reason as decided by the Commissioner does not make

the disqualified players/coaches eligible for any refunded monies.


3. No roster additions are allowed past the deadline date: May 29, 2021


4. Teams are limited to 20 player additions on the E-form (This includes players, coaches, manager,

statisticians and water technicians). 


5. All participants shall carry their own accident/health insurance – meaning players play and their own risk.


6. CODA/SODA are allowed to play on Men, Women, and Co-ed Teams. Only allow 1 player is allowed for Men and 2

players for Women. For Co-ed, it is 1 player for Men and 2 players for Women. See Appendix A


7. Free Agent Rules: (3 Free Agents Per team for Men/Women. Coed is allowed 6 free agents but the

same rules under Men and Woman’s division applies.)

Men Division Women Division Coed Division

 One (1) Any Age 3 Any Age One (1) Any Age (Men)

 One (1) Over 35 One (1) Over 35 (Men)

 One (1) Over 40 One (1) Over 40 (Men)

3 Any Age (Women)


Appendix A:

CODA/SODA/SPOUSE from within the regional will be waived on the same family member team.

Example: A father/son must be on the same team. A mother has a son and a daughter must be on the same coed team. The

mother must be either player, coach/manager, scorekeeper. 

Either Husband/Spouse or Wife/Spouse must be on the same team.



CODA- Parent, Grandparent, Aunt/Uncle

SODA- Brother/Sister, Step-Brother/Step-Sister

SPOUSE- Wife/Husband, Wife/Wife, Husband/Husband


If not on the list, it will be counted as CODA/SODA/Free Agent-outside of SWSAD Regional



Team Entry Fee:

Men teams $500, Women teams $400, Co-ed teams $300

Player: Pays $5.00 at door when registering at host site. If you play coed in addition to men’s or woman’s

team, you will have to pay an additional $5.00. It is $5 for each team you play on.

DEADLINE: May 8, 2021  (Must be postmarked by May 8, 2021 if mailed) - NO LATE Entry FEES





You will have 2 options to pay your team fees.

1. MAIL.

Please mail the team registration form with cashier check or money order and payable to SWSAD.

Mail Team registration form and fees to


Ralph Vice



Pay to: TBD


It is your responsibility to get confirmation of payment and check to see if the team is accepted in the tournament.

Players Eligibility

All NEW players who start playing in SWSAD Regional Tournament after 2006 are required to provide

Scanned and clear audiogram to SWSAD Secretary by via email ( If

it is not clear, it will not be accepted and considered ineligible. If we do not have an audiogram on file,

then the player will be deemed ineligible to participate. Audiograms must be in SWSAD

secretary/Treasurer’s possession by the deadline of May 8, 2021. Audiograms from HIS (Hearing Instrument Specialist) will NOT be accepted and deemed ineligible.

All NEW players who are new to SWSAD region must also show proof of residency with driver’s license

and shows proof of a most recent (being less than 60 days) utility bill that matches the driver’s license to

show eligibility. They will need to provide 2 bills.

The bills that will be accepted:

Water Bill

Gas Bill

Electricity Bill

Cable/Dish/DirecTV Bill