SWSAD Minutes Posted

All the historical SWSAD minutes are now posted from 2003 to present.  All the minutes from Executive Board Meetings and the General meetings are currently posted.   Any questions feel free to reach out to Paige Thompson or Billy Koch for questions or concerns.  They can be reached at billy.koch at swsad.org  or paige.thompson at swsad.org.



El Paso Mafia Storms their way to the Championship

El Paso Mafia storms their way to the Championship defeating the Tejas Fire in a Winner Take All match.   Both teams finished the tournament with one loss – this was the first tournament SWSAD held a COED tournament and SWSAD had 9 COED teams!   The Mafias won the tournament with timely hitting and stout defense.  Congratulations to the El Paso Mafia.

  • El Paso Mafia finished First
  • Tejas Fire finished Second
  • Louisiana Cajuns finished third
  • Texas Bullseye finished fourth
  • Screwballs finished fifth
  • I’d Hit That finished sixth
  • Pensacola finished seventh
  • Super Heros In Training finished eighth
  • Tejas Warriors finished ninth

SWSAD Elects New Officers for 2015-2018

SWSAD elected five new officers for the 2015-2018 term.  The officers will start their new duties on October 1, 2015 until September 30, 2018.  Congratulations to the new officers.  SWSAD would like to thank the outgoing officers for their wonderful job the last 2 years.

Commissioner, Billy Koch, Texas
Deputy Commissioner, Paige Thompson, Arkansas
Secretary-Treasurer, Chad Bishop, Texas
Information Director, Chadwick Savoy, Mississippi
Tournament Director, Dustin Cutrer, Louisiana

2015 SWSAD Women’s Awards Announced

First Team All Tournament
Augusta Seremeth, ATX Bombers
Britney Breedlove, ATX Bombers
Gabriella Beyer, ATX Bombers
Julie Egdorf, Louisiana Lady Cajuns
Jackie Rojas, Louisiana Lady Cajuns
Davina Jennings, Louisiana Lady Cajuns
Lorraine Rojas, Louisiana Lady Cajuns
Laura Rushing, Louisiana Lady Cajuns
Ashley Couey, Tiger Ladies
Debra Lindsey, Tiger Ladies

Most Valuable Player, Krissy McAnally, ATX Bombers
Gene E. Carr Team Sportsmanship, Louisiana Lady Cajuns
Imogene Christofoletti Individual Sportsmanship, Lorraine Rojas, Louisiana Lady Cajuns
Manager of the Tournament, Jose Amador, ATX Bombers

2015 SWSAD Men’s Awards Announced

First Team All Tournament
Reginald Adams, Houston Xtremes
Douglas Haley, Houston Xtremes
Matt West, Houston Xtremes
Zac Reagan, Houston Xtremes
Bob Rush, SMTX
Matthew Taylor, SMTX
Jeremy Fryer, Texas Stampede
Samuel Dyer, Texas Stampede
Alan Williams, Austin Shock
Dalton Etkie, Austin Shock

Second Team All Tournament
LaDon Battle, SMTX
Jesse McCaleb, SMTX
Jordan Lehr, Austin Shock
Noah Wimberly, Louisiana Cajuns
Scott Allen, Louisiana Cajuns
Thomas Soloynsky, Oklahoma Outlaws
Austin McKenzie, Oklahoma Outlaws
Michael Koopongsakorn, El Paso X-Force
Kenneth Arrington, Dallas Indians

Most Valuable Player, Jamie Moore, Texas Stampede
Gene E. Carr Team Sportsmanship, Tejas Warriors
Sammy Lane Individual Sportsmanship, Kevin Sowards, Texas Stampede

Houston Xtremes Wins 2015 Men’s Championship

The Houston Xtremes wins the 2015 SWSAD Tournament.  After starting the round robin with a 0-2 start losing to both SMTX and Oklahoma Outlaws.  The Xtremes regrouped and went undefeated in bracket play finishing 5-0.  Defeating the likes of the Dallas Indians, Austin Shock, Louisiana Cajuns, Texas Stampedes before finishing off the SMTX in a hard fought 7 inning battle.